LENSCRATCH - The Mountain Stands Still

The Mountain Stands Still is on Lenscratch today! A big thanks to the editor, Aline Smithson, for featuring my work. I have been a big fan of Lenscratch ever since I met Aline at the Society for Photographic Education conference last year and am stoked to have this series featured. 

Please visit Lenscratch and browse this photographic journal, as there are so many great artists and work on it you will absolutely love. You can view The Mountain Stands Still on Lenscratch here .

A special note: The handmade books will not be available until October and pushed back due to a photographic assignment/opportunity I took this summer. 

If you’d like to be contacted when the book is available for sale, please email me at info@elleolivia.com


A photograph from the series, The Mountain Stands Still, was chosen by Editor Kat Keirnan to be featured on Don’t Take Pictures as the photo of the day. I had not heard of this publication until I met Kat via email but it has quickly become a favorite after perusing the website and finding other artists with great work. Glad to have been featured. 

You can visit the Photo of the Day archive at this direct link.

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