Landscape Juried Annual Exhibition on Plates to Pixels

The Landscape Juried Annual Exhibition is now live! A huge thanks to curator and photo educator and photographer, Chris Bennett for being the juror of this wonderful online exhibition. It is a pleasure to be in this show. I am blown away by the amazing work and artists who also submitted and have quickly become a fan of many photographs that embody the sublime-mysterious landscape. I would like to also thank Blue Mitchell for putting together the opportunity to have this online exhibition made possible through his site, Plates to Pixels.

Contemporary South 2015

The Contemporary South show begins tonight at the Visual Art Exchange Gallery located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. This exhibition showcases a survey of artwork currently being made in the regional south, across a wide range of media and aesthetic and I am honored to be a part of such a show alongside such inspirational work by southern artists. A huge thanks to Chad Alligood, an acclaimed curator of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art for taking the time to jury this wonderful exhibition.

View all of the artwork included in the exhibition here: Contemporary South 2015 Exhibition

Photographing Strangers

I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Light Factory in Charlotte, NC in the earlier part of October. This was my first time visiting their new location and the gallery and space they have is just wonderful. I also had the great pleasure to meet and learn from the talented Richard Renaldi, who is best known for his series “Touching Strangers” which was being exhibited in the gallery at the time. Here are a few photographs from photographing strangers in the downtown area of Charlotte, North Carolina.

You can read more about the Light Factory here: The Light Factory

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