Provencial Field Notes Exhibition

This exhibition shows the work of ten contemporary
photographers from across the continental United States who are making
straight, place-based pictures of the land and the people who inhabit
this land. 

Two photographers from each region of the country-Northeast, Midwest,
Southeast, Southwest, and West-are represented within Provincial Field
Notes who chronicle the contemporary social, political, or environmental
state of the country. While some of the work within the show strays
away from each photographer’s respective region, the resulting images
are still filtered by their individual experience.

I am happy to be one of the ten photographers in this exhibition alongside Daniel George, Ethan Aaro-Jones, Amanda Mollindo, Greer Muldowney, Adam Neese, Paul Sisson, Melissa Stallard, Mallory Trescaso, and Chelsea Welsh. The show is curated by Melissa Kreider. 

The show will be up in Akron, Ohio from from November 2-13,
2015 at the Emily Davis Gallery.

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